Tuesday, December 27

Caption Grey Area Romney: Timidity On Taxes

Oh damn! Listing to him talk is so frustrating.

He is soooo out of touch with the sleeping giant that gave the republicans control of he house in 2010, that it is not even funny.

This guy hasn't a clue.

If you bred John McCain, John Boehner and mixed in a little three toed sloth, you would have Mitt Romney.

If we don't pull our heads out, we are going to end up with "Caption Grey Area" trying to beat Obama. The Teaparty will be asleep, and we will repeat 2008.

Please don't tell me that we have worked are asses off -- for four years -- just to run this dipshit? Obama will kill him.

If he does happen to win, which he won't, he is going to keep us on the slow steady course to European socialism.

Hey Mitt, why don't you just drop out. We had one just like you the last time.

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