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Thursday, January 24

Veteran Stands Up For 2nd Amendment At Chicago Anti-Gun Forum

May the Lord bless this veteran and his family for standing up for us who love the Constitution and the 2nd amendment!

This is a must watch and listen to these gun hating tools from the Chicago area. How have your strict anti-gun laws helped the violent crime rate in Chicago? Not one damn bit and I will not pay or more fees or taxes on my weapons, period. Maybe they should pass laws against those who make chips, cheese burgers, fries, tacos, sodas, sugar, and let's not forget coffee and tea. Will Obama and all the politicians give up their armed protective service? This country is so messed up. They protect all the money in financial institutions yet our children, our most precious creations in the world go unprotected every day at school. Look to Israel Switzerland and England, yes England who has most of their schools in secured fenced in compounds. One or two armed guards at Sandy Hook could and most likely would have saved 20 plus lives. PatriotUSA

Steer in: iOwnTheWorld

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1 comment:

  1. I went to "WAR" for this country and I WILL go to "WAR" against this country if need be....


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