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Thursday, January 24

what I'd like to see

What I'd like to see is each and every politician in America who backs gun control lead by example, and give up their armed bodyguards. And yes, that goes right to the top.

The public have been fed the line that it's important to have their top politicians under armed guard because if they got slotted it would be a blow to democracy - BOLLOCKS!

The whole point of having a democratic society is that we can and do employ different people to run the state for us - it's like a football club; the club doesn't finish because the manager gets sacked, the fans keep coming, the players keep playing, and they get a new guy in.

The point I'm making here is that politicians aren't special, not in this regard, or in any other. They're just employees of ours, working on a short-term, rolling, contract. That is all.

If any of them wants the people they're supposed to be representing to be unable to protect themselves, then they should lead by example and remove that capability from their own lives - and they ought to do that FIRST so that we can all see that they actually mean what they're saying, and they're not just playing political games.

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