#Ebola From Mexico - Is Obama's Refusal To Seal Border Treason?


I want to know why with headlines like these that Obama is not being held for treason for not protecting the American people by sealing the Southern border?

Wednesday, February 6

Fox & Friends Slams Hypocrisy of Obama Supporting Deadly Drones But Not ...

MichaelSavage4Prez - On Wednesday, the hosts of Fox & Friends tore into President Barack Obama and his administration for attempting to justify deadly drone strikes against American citizens overseas while maintaining their opposition to waterboarding. The Fox News Channel hosts also went after Democrats for being vocally opposed to tactics used by the Bush administration, like warrantless wiretapping and the Guantanamo Bay prison, but who remain silent when Obama uses his authority to target Americans with deadly force. "We've gone from capturing [Al Qaeda militants] and possibly getting information from them about other terrorists and bringing them to Gitmo, to killing them with drone strikes. Why? Because the president doesn't want to do some of those enhanced interrogation techniques," Gretchen Carlson opined.

"He doesn't believe in Gitmo, and so this is the answer," she continued. "You can argue whether or not, you know, that's legal. The ACLU says that's not legal."

"The ACLU usually agrees with the Obama administration," Carlson asserted.

"The hypocrisy though is jaw-dropping," declared Steve Doocy. "Where are the calls for this president to be impeached as George Bush was called to be impeached five years ago."

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