Saturday, February 9

How the news media asists the Left in pushing through their legislation

This article is re-posted from The Victory For Liberty Center.

If you are visiting The Victory For Liberty Center, you probably already know that the news media carries water for the Left.  What you may not fully understand, is how they accomplish the task of subverting a nation.  The term "Corporate Left" could be applied to the news media in addition to other incorporations and institutions.  Journalists in a sense function as tentacles for the Democrat Party and other Leftist organizations by shifting the public perception of reality.

There is a process by which potential legislation and other Leftist policies are introduced and promoted.  It is a simple process executed by various means and by many journalists in many positions.  At the moment, this process is being used to promote gun control policies in the wake of the Sandy Hook Massacre.

Here is a summary of the process:

1.  A mountain of emotion is built regarding specific problems or issues.  A real crisis does not need to exist.  All the news media needs to do is to convince their viewers and readers that a crisis exists which demands urgent and sudden action.

2.  The news media presents the Leftist position as an excellent option to solve problems.  Other possible solutions are presented in an attempt to fake objectivity, but ultimately these other solutions (the ones put forward by Conservatives and Libertarians) are dismissed and diminished.  The agenda of Leftist Politicians is presented long before they step up to a podium because it was first presented by their operatives in the mass media.

3.  A false narrative is constructed in which the Left is compassionate, just, and "reasonable," whereas their opponents are malevolent, cruel, greedy, hypocritical, and corrupt.  In addition to lying about the opposition, the false narrative also presents a fictitious view of reality in which the Leftist agenda is truth.

4.  All opponents of Leftist policy are ridiculed, dehumanized, and demonized.  This plays into the false narrative that the news media presents in step 3.

5.  A fake sense of consensus in favor of Leftist policy is advanced.  The public is told that the policies of the Left are the will of "the people."  Often Leftist policy is introduced with words like: "There are new calls for gun control," or "The public is demanding that taxes be increased on higher income brackets."  Interestingly, it is not the public, but the news media that is issuing the first calls for action.  This is related to step 2.

These tactics have worked for the Left.  It is time for us to better understand them, and to learn how to combat them.  One of the most effective means of combating the Leftist news media, is to instill the perception in the public that it is corrupt, dishonest, and manipulative.  Once our friends and neighbors are enlightened regarding the news media, the steps listed above will loose their effectiveness.  It is critical that we spread the word not necessarily about what the news media does, but how they do it.  It is up to us to spread what we already know.

 The Victory For Liberty Center is committed to informing and coordinating grassroots efforts that will lead to victories for liberty over tyranny.  VFLC encourages activism and provides the tools with which lovers of liberty can win.  VFLC does not seek to be labeled "Conservative," "Libertarian," or "Republican," nor does it disdain any of these categories.  All there is, is a love for liberty.  VFLC seeks to foster unity, and to spread information as well as aggressive tactics pertinent to the cause of liberty.  Together, we can win!  Join us at

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