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Let's see if I am better at rolling out a site than Obama?

Conservative Blogs Central

I have been killing myself trying to get this thing up and going for you all, and I know you are going to like it once you get used to it.

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I am tired of putting money the hip pockets of the Obama supporting commies at Google by blogging on their platform.

  • It will auto post to everything the old CBC does right now, but this one sends its feed to a few other places.
  • I made the stats available at the top of the blog, so that you can click on it and watch it grow.
  • I will be phasing out this blog over the next couple of months - so get over there and register.
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Bear with me while I get everything move from here to there.

And let me know if you have any trouble getting setup, or any suggestions...

Thursday, February 14

Skip MacLure Memorial Service

Email from Dee:
Hi BC.
I'd like to thank you for placing Skip's obituary at the top of the main page, and for your kind comments. 
He'd be honored. I didn't want to place a message in the article comments, as I'd have to use Skip's log-in, so it would look a bit weird.
I was inconsolable for some time... I've never had a friend so dear and never will again. However, I know he'd tell me to pick myself up and keep fighting. His site will continue under his name, in some shape or form.
Here's a link to Skip's obituary and memorial service details, which will take place on Friday, February 22. 
There will be an honor guard, naturally. CBC readers are most welcome.

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