Thursday, September 18

Hannity Removes Belt and Smacks It on Desk During Segment on Peterson

Sean Hannity defended Adrian Peterson last night by invoking how his own father used to beat him. And to illustrate that point rather vividly, Hannity took off his belt and whipped it around.

Hannity admitted that Peterson went too far in beating his kids, but said he shouldn’t be penalized for trying to discipline his children. His guests pushed back a bit on corporal punishment and Hannity asked, “We’re gonna arrest everybody that’s ever hit their kid?”

He recalled a time when his dad once punched him in the face and he “deserved it.” And then Hannity said, “I’ll take my belt off.” Which he did. And then proceeded to whip it on the table a few times to demonstrate how it was done.

Dr. Robi Ludwig and Mercedes Colwin both thought what Peterson did was extreme, especially to four-year-old children, but Hannity stood firm and said, “I was not mentally bruised because my father hit me with a belt!”


Wednesday said...

Yeah Sean, you clearly turned out fine.

conservativeBC said...

One of the most successful, influential people in America. I don't get your sarcasm.

conservativeBC said...

I suppose that you find Obama's mental stability to be well within the range of normality? Looking at his poll numbers everyone except the most extreme fringe left would disagree.

Is that you?

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