Tuesday, September 16

Mark Levin: Mike Huckabee is "RINO #1"


2016Huck1Fan said...

Mark Levin, You are the RINO !
Some people do not know a man sent from God when they see him ! Our nation is sinking. God is sending a man who can lead a willing to confess their sins to God and turn from their evil ways. The power to save America does not rest in a politician, but in WE THE PEOPLE ! God Sends His man to lead, but if America rejects God, perhaps they will reject leaders who follow God ! This is not about right and left, but about doing the Right Thing as we look vertically to God's ways !

NewtonsDad said...

A great leader is one who knows the way, shows the
way, and goes the way. That’s one of many reasons Mike Huckabee is becoming
more and more recognized as the voice of reason in our culture -- certainly the
voice of civility in a reckless age of irresponsible crudeness; and he, as
always, has his finger on the pulse of what ails America-- and the solutions to
fix what’s broken.

There will no doubt be many fine Republican candidates in 2016--- but I see
Governor Huckabee as truly being in a class of his own. There is no one like
him, or even anyone similar. I feel he has the experience, wisdom, and class
that running for President would require. His unusual communication skills
would likely be envied by the greatest leaders and orators in our nation’s

Another unique quality he displays is the uncanny ability to communicate the
conservative message without being obstinate and polarizing. I believe he would
garner votes from independents, women, and minorities like no other
conservative. Simply put, America Likes Mike!

Through integrity, he displays the courage of his convictions to do what’s
right-- even when others may disagree. Mike Huckabee is a perfect example of a
true servant leader that I believe our country desperately needs to help heal
our land and point the nation in a more hopeful direction.

And yes, if he
decides to run-- I believe he would beat Hillary Clinton or another Democrat in
2016, and do it convincingly. In fact, Mike Huckabee may very well be the only
“uniquely qualified” candidate to bring about a GOP victory in the race for the
Oval Office in 2016.

conservativeBC said...

Huckabee would never make it through the primary. You had start looking for someone else now.

conservativeBC said...

There are a lot of good candidates. Huckabee certainly don't have a monopoly of God.

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