Monday, September 22

Obama conspiracy theory

Here's a question: Could Barack Obama have figured out a way to sabotage the country under the guise of simply being an incompetent president?


2004 pre-TEA volunteer said...

Oh, elemental, he's so frustrated of being moreuslim than a chicken. He comes from those minorities most of the world rejects: communistic socialism, booo, gays, boooo, genocide abortists, boooooo, he's on a photo wearing a yiiiihaaaadist suit, bbboooooo, jeremiah right was a Muslim, keeps talking like that, aswell al sharpton, and all those black socialists, bbbbbooooooo, and so on...
he belongs to those discriminated groups, has enough discriminating life, reasons to conspire, ayers of hidden hate, he even insisted on his Muslim faith, his face was very, very convincing, isis shows his personality, southern brother, no oil drilling, social like cuba laws... he campaigns against booooOOOOling

2004 pre-TEA volunteer said...

Most of his life as a Muslim, jeremiah right was Muslim 20 ayers ago, but same radical agenda, calling Americans chicken, what makes bhorc half tough brother MMMuslimhood-hammass-isis / half chicken.
Remember his face remarking in his Muslim faith, that's him, radical crazy full of revenge, the faked arablood$pin$ where isis, "the moderateds" murdered came from, starting in Egypt left Mursi, obama's man jailed and formally accused of terrorism.
Now, his radical criminal super violent subhuman brain seeks another isis on Syria. he's enjoying his revenge against America and the ally, he's full of discrimination, hate, anger, suffering, he deserves!!!! for trying crazy groups mentality on America for ayers.

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