Saturday, October 4

Eric Bolling: Ebola’s Bad, But Liberalism Is a Dangerous Virus Too

Eric Bolling ended today’s Cashin’ In by saying Ebola may be a serious public health issue, but there’s another virus that all Americans should be alert about: liberalism. Yes, Bolling said that liberalism “is a dangerous virus” all Americans should be concerned about.

So why is liberalism such a scourge on the nation? Bolling explained, “Truth, transparency, freedom and liberty, the flag, under God, patriotism, all out the window, are being replaced by ‘Everyone gets a trophy,’ ‘Share the wealth,’ ‘The government knows what’s best for your business, your family, and your bedroom.’ Be careful.”

Bolling advised his audience to be aware of “the signs of viral liberalism,” including, but not limited to, downplaying terrorist threats, trusting President Obama on ebola, believing White House optimism about the economy, and thinking it’s okay to pay soldiers less than a dollar an hour to fight terrorists.

He concluded, “Liberalism is a virus. Try not to catch it. And if you do, for goodness sakes, don’t spread it.”

1 comment:

GomeznSA said...

He's right, just look what it has done to his pal bobbeckel............

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