Friday, October 10

Hiding in plain sight - What is Barack Obama's endgame?


- allowing ISIS to spread, 
- cutting the US military to the bone,  
- ignoring any and all advice from his military experts, 
- sitting idly by while an almost nuclear Iran (who this administration is incredibly considering negotiating with) prepares to become a nuclear Iran, 
- emboldening Russia to spread its regional wings helped by the Syria non-redline redline, 
- domestic terrorism termed workplace violence, 
- Islamic extremism spreading from the Barack Obama endorsed Arab Spring, 
- a refusal to allow programs that would help lead us to energy independence (and reduced reliance on our enemies in the Middle East) such as the Keystone Pipeline and finally 
- destroying the faith of our allies that the US will have their backs,

what else is this White House currently doing or not doing in the arena of national security? 

Read at The Political Commentator here and then leave your thoughts on what you believe Barack Obama’s ultimate endgame actually is! 

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