Tuesday, October 14

Kim Jong-Un Makes First Public Appearance In A Month

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un has reportedly made his first public appearance in five weeks, ending a prolonged absence that fuelled speculation about his health and control over the country. The country's official news agency said Kim ‘gave field guidance’ yesterday at the newly-built Wisong Scientists Residential District.
The mystery over Kim’s whereabouts for the past five weeks has deepened, as a surprise new claim emerged suggesting he was receiving drastic weight loss treatment in China.

A source told the Daily Mail that the 31-year-old had spent the past few weeks in a Beijing hospital having his stomach tied, or ‘banded’, to help him fight his weight gain.

Last month it was claimed Kim has been putting his health at serious risk due to his dangerously high consumption of Emmental cheese, which he got a taste for while a student in Switzerland.

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