Wednesday, November 5

The Battle With RINOS For Presidency Begins

Tonight’s win marked the beginning of an even bigger battle. The battle for the Republican presidential nomination. For months now Rinos and Rino bloggers have been operating in stealth mode. But tonight’s win marks the beginning of the Rino rut.

Header With Heads

The Rino rut is a time when normally reclusive bulls throw caution to the wind and run amuck stamping their feet and attacking conservatives with reckless abandon.
Rino blogs like Hot Air will now start actively pushing losers like, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, while they simultaneously attack Teaparty hopefuls like Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul.
The gloves are about to come off, and it is about to get nasty. Rino bloggers gave us John McCain and Mitt Romney with their constant trashing of conservative candidates, their conga line of Rino puff pieces and by perpetuating the lie that only lukewarm moderates can win.
If we don't take them on this time the same thing will happen again.
Join Rino Blog Watch. This site was creating for just that purpose.

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