Saturday, December 6

Ted Cruz Attacks - When Chris Matthews Says McCarthy Read Wet-Back

Chris Matthews has really stepped up his seething racially motivated anti-Hispanic attacks against Ted Cruz – now up to as many as four times in a single show.

matthews ted cruzA dog whistle is a dog whistle, people, a trumpet call is another. Chris Matthews has sounded a clear trumpet blast  — doing little to hide his racial hate of Hispanic men. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, George Zimmerman, the list is long and keeps growing.

His previous references (see below) to “black Irish” when comparing Cruz to McCarthy were thinly-veiled. They give insight as to how and why he oozes back and fourth seamlessly from McCarthy to Cruz with traditional stereotypical racially charged Hispanic slurs like “sinister, oily, sneering, and greasy black hair.”
When Matthews says McCarthy read spic, wetback or beaner…

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