Monday, February 9

Obama: The Fool On The Hill

There is no doubt in my mind that Obama is the worst president in my lifetime, even worse than Carter. Since I am not a presidential historian, I don’t know if he is the worst president ever, but he just might be. Over the past few years of Obama’s reign I have called him many names, names I cannot say in public, but I am sure most of you have done the same as well. But now I realize the man is just a plain fool. Read more. 

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sTEAlth destroyer said...

Testing testing I've being illegaly blocked by callcenters on Panama newspapers(like hackers) and EU probably Miami.
I was denouncing La Profe is not being even mentioning this far, she was de coordinator and gov resources of a megaconspiracy of organized spying Through callcenters of hackers, cybercrimes ID thief... Surveillance... Lists... They Never act against or go after
pro-castro or pro-oblabla cartel logistics of fastnfurious acorn gov zones ..
Espionage similar to the warghou$e's against teaparties, also as the modus operandi by formal Martineli's gov pursuers and By his frmr consejo de seguridad, Martineli's mayor and high level criminal spying gov organizations, surely ending, after Oblabla's actual and unknown for how long more protection to martinelli and perssonel on miami Continuing hacking spying trading it, erasing denounces on'm id thief sabotages, "etc" AAAand 'invisible to America busy with oblabla's isis" all hoping for oblabla's usual megaincompetency...
He shall end up from palaces... in jail, that's why they fight, comiting crimes, he knows what the faces, they all know...
he's facing jail (martineli) (and oblabla, why not?!?!?)...

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