Saturday, November 5

Andy Rooney Sweet And Commie

Back when the networks dominated the news, one of the first books I read as a young adult was “Andy Rooney Sweet and Sour.” I didn’t know the difference back then between a liberal and conservative, but even in my ignorance I could tell that something about Rooney was just not right. 

All that I knew about politics was that the democrats were for the workingman, and that Bill Clinton was cool because he played the saxophone. I actually believed that people across America were all basically the same. I thought that everyone loved God and country and was proud to be an American; something that I know now is far from the truth. I can thank the old atheist Rooney for teaching me different.

Hidden in his cute little antidotes about things like the proper shape of a bathroom shower was a subtle liberal commie theme. “Do what?” and “What the hell is wrong with him?” was a common thought as he provided my first glimpse into the warped liberal mind.

I told my wife that I didn’t think that I could watch Rooney’s segment on '60 Minutes anymore, because he was so screwed up.

But I was still thinking that it was just Rooney. I thought that he was just a crazy old man that they were keeping around because they felt sorry for him. I didn't know that he was just one among a large group of like-minded fruitcakes that were -- and still are -- out to change America.

My next book The Way Things Ought to Be, that come out in 1992 clued me into what was really going on.

So goodbye you old perverted atheist, I guess by now you are smoking a turd in hell with the rest of your God hating comrades.

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