Michele Bachmann has just confirmed what we already knew. Despite all their big talk, John Boehner and the rest of the RINOs have no intentions of fighting Obama’s destruction of our constitution. They are going to fold on this just like they did with Obamacare.

BooHoo BoehnerOnce again half of the nation is without representation. We elect these RINOs and then they turn up their noses and do the bidding of the Chamber Of Commerce.

I agree with Michele — MELT DOWN THEIR FREAKING PHONE LINES — and if there is any way you can make it, JOIN HER RALLY AT THE CAPITAL BUILDING.

Saturday, November 12

Cain Velasquez vs Jr. Dos Santos Prediction

Dos Santos is like Cheick Congo standing up, but the big difference is that he has a good ground game plus he is harder to take down.

Congo rocked Velasquez at the first of all the three rounds that they fought, but even after nearly knocking him out all three times, he let Cain come in close and put him to the ground. Congo was helpless with Cain on the mat.

Don't look for Jr. to make the same mistakes.

He will be much much harder to take down; plus, he will have even scarier stand up.

Jr. Dos Santos by knock out in the third.

I am seldom wrong... Come back at 9:00 and rub it in if I am.

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