Tuesday, February 7

"True Grit" - It Is Time For ALL Conservatives To Unite Behind Rick Santorum!

This all-important primary has been a roller coaster ride for all us. I myself have changed my mind several times trying to find the right candidate to put up against the greatest threat to America since the war of 1812 – Barack Obama.

I started out for Michele Bachmann, thinking that she truly represented the Teaparty and what it stands for. Not everyone agreed.

I then jumped on the Cain train, just in time to watch it derail.

I liked Santorum, but Newt Gingrich impressed me more with his great debating skills. At the end of the day his ties with Freddie Mac, plus his questionable personal life was too much to overcome. His numbers with women voters makes him a very long shot.

I considered putting Ron Paul’s kooky foreign policy aside, and took a real close look at him because of his strong constitutional stance. You don't want to dig too far there without your tinfoil hat handy!

I have been disappointed so many times that I began to believe that the Teaparty had been defeated. I began to believe that we were going to have to settle for the semi-socialist Mitt Romney. We were going to run another lukewarm John McCain and lose another election to Obama.

Just when it seemed like all hope was lost, I came across this video.

Rick Santorum has shown "True Grit" coming back time and time again in this GOP primary.

He is the one who has the passion to defeat Barack Obama!

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