Thursday, August 30

Clint Eastwood - Republican National Convention (Video)

Clint Eastwood speaks at the RNC national convention on August 30, 2012


Anonymous said...

Cleint eastwood bigot,raciest a legend in the movie world has come forth after a century a played the biggest role of his life give this man an academy award, he has revealed his true feelings of hatered towards black americans everywhere, as an american of color i will never support any movies he is in or produces, in fact he should be boycotted for his disregaurd for people of different nationalities, he is no better than trump who is a bigot, and has hid behind his tupe they both are worthless human beings who are both married, to YOUNGER WOMEN, both of different cultures other than white, maybe both men should embrace being seniors, and stop trying to keep up with younger men, because eventually they will at some point have to face being old, and hope that their younger wives will want to clean their and diaper their old asses.

Anonymous said...

Cliente eastwood bigot, raciest, a true ameican i dont think so, i never dreamed in a million years that i would witness such hatered from a man who i admired and enjoyed watching on the screen, it is a horrible thing to have witnessed on national television, i also have to address the fact that he is married to a woman of mexican decent, and might i add 30yrs younger, i will never ever support any flim or production that has his stamp on it in fact we should boycott him and his new movie for his disrespect of people of color. In fact maybe he and that raciest Donald Trump should run for the clu clux clan presidency. Iam sure they would be welcomed with open arms,

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