Michele Bachmann has just confirmed what we already knew. Despite all their big talk, John Boehner and the rest of the RINOs have no intentions of fighting Obama’s destruction of our constitution. They are going to fold on this just like they did with Obamacare.

BooHoo BoehnerOnce again half of the nation is without representation. We elect these RINOs and then they turn up their noses and do the bidding of the Chamber Of Commerce.

I agree with Michele — MELT DOWN THEIR FREAKING PHONE LINES — and if there is any way you can make it, JOIN HER RALLY AT THE CAPITAL BUILDING.

Saturday, October 20

Benghazigate:The Bret Baier Special (Video)

I just watched this and the evidence should make every single voter flee from Obama as fast as they can. In my opinion the Obama administration has been exposed and this pack of liars will be further exposed as the election draws near.

We do not have cable or satellite here at Schloss Homer so I had to wait for this to be posted up from the always fine Sundancecracker From The Last Refuge.

Do not be duped by Obama's 'big deal' when his pack of liars announces a deal with the mullahs to stop their uranium enrichment program right before the election. Only those who believe in dope, change, rainbows and unicorns will cheer this last ditch effort to save a foundering campaign. PatriotUSA


The Bret Baier Special (Video)

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