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Sunday, November 25

A State Of Palestine Will Solve NOTHING! ... J. D. Longstreet

A State Of Palestine Will Solve NOTHING!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


If you think things are bad in the Middle East today, wait until there is a "state" of Palestine!

The creation of a Palestinian state will do nothing to bring stability to the region.  In fact, there will be more war, more instability, and more suffering.

A Palestinian state would effectively open up a front that starts ten miles from Tel Aviv and reaches 1,000 miles deep across the Arabian Peninsula to Teheran. That, alone, will be cause for Israel to go on their highest military alert and stay there 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In other words… all the time. 

The buffer zone Israel counts on to give her time to activate her reserves and get them mobilized will no longer exist.  That short period of time, so vital for the defense of Israel, will be gone.  Therefore, Israel will have no choice but to adopt what, for all practical purposes, will be a “state of war” as a normal, everyday, lifestyle.

And it won't just be Israel in the gun sights of the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.  Little Jordan will be toast!

If you are among those who have bought into  the school of thought, which says Israel would be the first target of a Palestinian State military, then may we respectfully suggest that you "think again!"  

No.  The military minds have another thought on that.   They think Jordan will be Target One.  


Think about it for a moment.  Eighty percent of Jordan's population is made-up of those Arab refugees who call themselves Palestinians.  They HATE the Hashemite Kingdom. In fact, they tried to overthrow the little kingdom over 40 years ago -- in 1970.  

Think about this, also:  Jordan is the only  remaining moderate, western-oriented Arab state in the Middle East.  The Palestinian State cannot allow the continued existence of Jordan as it is today.  Nope.  Jordan has to be brought to heel.

Once Jordan has been taken back, effectively, to the 11h or 12th century, then the State of Palestine's military will be enlarged by the wholesale enlistment/conscription of those Palestinians already in Jordan -- THEN they can turn their attention -- and their guns -- on Israel.

What we can expect is a blood bath in the Middle East.  These so-called Palestinians are the people who personify HATE and teach it to their children less their vigor for killing Jews grows dim.  Even their children's textbooks teach hate!

Why is no one -- outside the world's banking community -- asking about Palestine's  preparations for taking it's place among the nations of the world?  It's a legitimate question and one, I think, for which the answer is chilling.

Don't you think the US and other countries should be asking if there has been any preparation for oh, say, industrialization for the new country of Palestine?  How far along are they on developing export markets?  And, for goodness sakes, we need to know if the government of Palestine has given any thought, at all, to negotiating trade arrangements with their next-door neighbor, Israel?

I think we all know the answer to every one of the above questions is… NO. 

So, it is safe, then, to assume that a state of Palestine would be racked with poverty,  which will require billions of dollars in foreign aid (A huge chunk of which will come from the taxpayers of the US) from which the chieftains of the new state of Palestine will bleed off their shares -- and get rich -- while piling up hordes of cash in numbered bank accounts far from the Middle East.

Creating a State of Palestine is, itself, a terrorist plot against the world.   The UN will be creating a second rogue state in the Middle East.  It would better be named "West Iran" than Palestine. The state of Palestine will be run from Tehran, owned and operated by the mad mullahs of Iran.

A Palestinian state will only ensure the continuation of war, terrorism, and bloodshed.  The one thing we can be sure it will NOT bring to the Middle East is… peace.

When one stands back and considers, as objectively as possible, the problems caused by recognizing a Palestinian state one can instantly see that the stage is being set for a massive regional war in the Middle East with Israel, Iran, the US, Russia, and China ALL involved. 

For my Christian brethren this may sound uncomfortably familiar.  Things happen in that part of the world when the ancient markers are moved -- or removed. 

Establishing a State of Palestine would not necessarily be the beginning.  It could, in fact, mark the end.

© J. D. Longstreet

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