Wednesday, November 14

Dumb & Dumber: America's Declining Intelligence

Yesterday, one of my long-held beliefs about society as a whole was found to be scientifically proven in a study by a Stanford professor.  The average human intellect is waning.  In other words, people are getting dumber with each generation.  The premise of the study is that humans had to be more intelligent to stay alive and procreate, during the early history of man.  Now that life is much easier and safer, the dumb survive.  Worse, the dumb procreate, passing on their dumb genes.  Want proof?  Look at the election results!  My contention is that the electorate in this nation represents the real-world findings of said study. 
I’m not saying every Democrat is the product of this gene puddle, just the voters.  The Democratic elected officials are obviously smart enough to know how to get and stay in power.  They pander to the dumb and the lazy with big-government hand-outs.  The dumb and the lazy rely on their own base animal instincts, accepting the hand-outs and thus surviving an easy existence.  What happens when you feed a stray cat?  It keeps coming back, just like voters to the Democrats.
If you need first-hand proof of this trend (i.e. that liberal voters are idiots), just sit in on any undergraduate class.  The level of stupidity among the student body is so disturbing; I put off continuing my education until I can find a program that is 100-percent online.  The comments made by the future of our nation are so utterly asinine, I can barely keep from yelling out loud at these morons and the professors that coddle them. 
On a recent edition of a popular editorial news show, one of the contributors went to the streets and questioned people about their opinions of the election results.  One young woman espoused her admiration for the fact that “President Obama accumulated the least amount of debt of any president before him.”  If TVs weren’t so expensive, I would have shot mine, then and there!  That idiot has the right to vote, and millions more just like her did. 
              I feel, sincerely, that we MUST use the Stanford study results as a means to convince those of us that can form a logical thought to legislate a mandatory aptitude test for people that wish to vote.  I know the Democrats in power would never let that happen.  They know their constituents would never be able to pass such a test.  So, ladies and gentlemen, it seems the dumb are going to breed out intelligent thought.  The fact that Snookie is a celebrity in our society is all the proof I need.


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