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Friday, December 14

5 Myths Liberals Have Created About Themselves

Right Wing News: 4) Liberals love minorities: Really? Tell that to Kenneth Gladney and Daniel Tarver, black men who were beaten and called n*ggers by union members without a peep from the Left. How about Allen West or Mia Love, whom liberals turned to vote against in droves because of...racism? That's what they say when conservatives vote against black Democrats, isn't it? Speaking of which, black Americans make up roughly a quarter of the Democrats in America and yet, "Of the 75 black, Hispanic, and Asian-American Democrats in Congress and governorships, only nine represented majority-white constituencies—and that declined to six in 2011." Minority voters go heavily for the Democrats; so why won't white Democrats return the favor on the local level? Along similar lines, Hispanic and black Americans have been voting liberal for decades now – how well is that working out for them? Even Barack Obama doesn't have the stones to try to do more to help minorities prosper because he knows his white liberal base would revolt. Liberals are happy to exploit minority voters in every way they can, but at the end of the day their attitude is, "Take your welfare, know your place and do as you’re told." Keep Reading

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