Friday, December 21

America-A third world country sooner than you think

From one of the best, Confidential Reporter over at Foreign Confidential.

Indeed, we are now on the brink of being a third world country. PatriotUSA

Bakken Crude Bound for Canada Runs Aground in Hudson River

Tanker's Mechanical Failure Strands 279,000 Barrels of Oil; No Spill 

A near environmental disaster in the Hudson River, south of Albany, New York State's capital. Click here for the story.

American oil is being shipped to Canada--say what?

COMMENT: This blog has long supported socially and environmentally responsible development of America's awesome but foolishly neglected domestic oil and gas resources, along with much needed alternative energy and fuels. We were among the first to report the Bakken story.

Little did we know that much of the precious, North Dakota crude would end up going to Canada for refining and export back to the United States because of an abysmal lack of U.S. refinery capacity, among other reasons. That doesn't seem right, notwithstanding that Canada is a wonderful neighbor and important ally in an increasingly dangerous and hostile world.

Strange, too, is the side business: apparently, the processing of light Bakken crude produces a lot of propane as a byproduct--which is also exported to the U.S. Odder, still, the propane that is made in Canada from American crude oil is transported by rail to a refinery in … Texas … for fractionation (further processing) in order to turn the manmade gas into a useful home and commercial heating fuel that is then transported by pipeline to a distribution point south of … Albany, NY.

With all due respect to our Canadian friends, nothing says Third World nation … what America appears to have become … louder and clearer than the above-described oil-and-propane trade. In energy and so many other fields, the country is no longer king of the hill.

Source is here.

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