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America's Faustian Deal With Obama ... J. D. Longstreet

America's Faustian Deal With Obama
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome every time is the definition of insanity.  

By that definition, the American electorate is stark, raving, mad!

We are streaking toward that fiscal cliff at supersonic speed with little, if any, chance that we will be halted before the final plunge.

... And WE did it!  You and I -- the voters did it.  

Too often we look around for some one to blame when the defecation hits the rotary oscillator.  But this time, dear reader, we need look only in the nearest mirror for the culprit.

Now, I am not excusing my own culpability, either.  I am just as much to blame as anyone.  I can't get past the feeling that I didn't do enough -- or do MORE -- to try and convince more readers that the path Obama and the democrats have this nation on is leading us straight to perdition. That's my personal burden to bear.

We had four years to evaluate Mr. Obama's agenda, which is pure socialism.  He has told us AND PROVEN, in so many ways, that he is a rabid "wealth redistributionist." He is a statist, and, I believe, a Marxist. 

But, the American electorate decided that it was time for America to give up its leadership role and join the mass mediocrity of the remainder of the world's nations. So, in order to facilitate that "fundamental change" in America, we reinstated the Socialist-in-Chief, Obama.

Many democrats grudgingly admit that Obama is a socialist.  Others in the Democratic Party happily agree that Obama is a socialist because they themselves are socialists.  Much of the Democratic Party is now socialist to the core.

I've never been under any illusion about Obama's brand of socialism.  His is the deep, dark, sinister brand of socialism that enslaves, and finally, murders nations.

Oh, you may argue that Obama's is "... a big-government philosophy that uses wealth redistribution to fund a massive nanny state of cradle-to-grave entitlements." SOURCE:

You'd be wrong.

See, Obama's brand of socialism is an "...  authoritarian socialism once seen in the Eastern Bloc countries (many of which are now free-market economies) and some nations in Central and South America. It’s used by harsh and oppressive authoritarian regimes that repress their people."  SOURCE:

Think I'm wrong?  Wait a few months.  You are about to see the "pig in the poke" America bought on November 6th.  Once America goes off the fiscal cliff, the hammer will be brought down.

I'm concerned we are just months away from a collapse of our financial system with the US dollar taking a dive into worthlessness.  We are already in the first stages of a nationwide battle to disarm American so that only the government has weapons. 

Gun owners are going to lose this fight.
  (At least partially.) I don't like it, but that is the way I see it.  The REASON of gun owners has no chance in an atmosphere that is charged through and through with EMOTION.  Emotion precludes clear thinking, the ability to weigh consequences -- both intended and unintendedEmotion demands satisfaction regardless of the cost and the severity of the self-inflicted wounds emotional decisions ALWAYS render.

Look.  It's not just a fiscal cliff we are approaching.  It is a sanity cliff.   America is about to go crazy. 

I've been writing for years now that there is an undercurrent of rage permeating American society today and it is nearing the surface.  One small fissure and it will boil to the surface with devastating results.  Another recession might do it, but frankly, I tend to think the left's move to disarm America will be the tipping point.

There are reports circulating now that the government has been preparing, for rather a long time, for another civil war within America.  Munitions and war fighting materiel have been prepositioned at strategic locations around the country in preparation for just such an eventuality.  

There was a time in the not so distant past when I would have laughed at such speculation.  But not any more -- not now.

It's really quite simple.  Half the country is willing, and even eager, to follow Obama into socialist ruin.  The other half will have to be forced to follow, in chains, if necessary.

I agree.  It sounds like a plot for a made for TV movie. But I am very afraid we are actually living in the early days of just such a breakdown in American society.  I have repeatedly reminded younger Americans that current events in America resemble the early days of Bolshevism in Russia, which, as we know, eventually became Soviet Socialist Russia and finally the Union of Soviet Socialist Russia. 

America is in a state of "becoming."  With Obama's leadership there can be no doubt that whatever America becomes -- it WILL be socialist/Marxist.

As I watched the subdued Christmas celebrations this year, it became obvious to me that we KNOW something is ending in America.  You can see it written on the faces of the crowds on the streets. There is a "melancholia" about Americans today.  It is a form of depression and the shrinks tell us depression is suppressed anger.  So, we are back to that anger I mentioned earlier.

As we slouch fearfully toward a new year and a new national identity, we are truly a house divided with each side locked in a marriage that is strangling the life out of both sides.  It is the nature of socialism.  It does that.  It murders nations.

A huge portion of America would happily leave the United States, and found a new country, even now, just for the opportunity to continue to pursue their dreams. But the socialists are hell bent on dragging us down into oblivion with them -- because they cannot allow us to prosper and put the lie to their promised Utopia.  Misery loves company, you know.

There can be no doubt the deal struck with Obama on November 6th is a Faustian deal.  We traded America's soul for a promise, a PROMISE,  mind you, of a collectivist's portion of a meager harvest where the workers are few and the shirkers are many.  It is an untenable deal doomed to utter failure -- and WE did it.

© J. D. Longstreet

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