Thursday, December 27

Feel the love from Islam-fooled again in Colorado

Feeling the love from Muslims and Islam in Colorado. I have little time today and need to keep my comments short.

There is NO peace within Islam and with Islam there can NEVER be peace.

From Creeping Sharia.

Colorado: Muslims fool Jewish, Christian leaders in “love neigbhor” campaign

via Colorado Jewish, Muslim and Christian leaders launch love campaign – The Denver Post.

Colorado Muslim, Christian and Jewish leaders stood together in Denver’s main mosque Monday and launched a “Love Thy Neighbor” campaign — starting with ads on RTD buses.
They said the ad they unveiled — at a time on the calendar devoted to love and understanding — is meant to respond to recent national tragedies and to replace anti-Muslim ads placed on buses last month.

“Our country is in the midst of a lot of divisions,” Temple Emanuel Senior Rabbi Joe Black said. “Hatred is only going to further violence and the breakdown of society.”
“Love Thy Neighbor” ads, purchased for $5,000, are expected to appear on 10 buses by the end of this week and stay on each bus for a month.
The “Love Thy Neighbor” message conveys “a shared concept in the three religions,” Colorado Muslim Society Imam Karim Abuzaid said. “In Islam, we are commanded to love our neighbor, or at least act in love.”

The Muslim part of the ad, not shown by the Denver Post – likely for the obvious reason that the chosen verse has nothing to do with the concept of loving thy neighbor. In fact, it doesn’t even mention neighbor:


Muslims in Colorado love their neighbors so much that they refuse to share worship space with them in the Denver airport as we reported here, Muslim prayer room at Denver Airport separate from Christians and Jews. Muslim love.
More to the point, the Koran explicitly states Muslims should not take Christians and Jews for friends:

O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends… ~ Koran 5:052
More h/t Iron Burka

And for inquiring minds, the website consists of one page. Anyone know who they are? Here’s the same ad on their site.


Notice it doesn’t list any of the partners they are supposed to be loving. Here’s the image the Denver Post ran:


The Prophet said, “War is deceit.”

 Source is here.

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