#Ebola From Mexico - Is Obama's Refusal To Seal Border Treason?


I want to know why with headlines like these that Obama is not being held for treason for not protecting the American people by sealing the Southern border?

Wednesday, December 26

Fiscal Dominos

As President Obama returns home from his vacation in Hawaii, we once more hear about the impending fiscal cliff. But the truth is, there is no fiscal cliff. It's more like fiscal dominos, a series of economic failures (that are very real) that affect people, business and so on and so on. Like a domino effect. The mainstream media tries to twist things that are happening into action movie type things. Hanging off a cliff! Falling off a cliff! No. Understand that there is danger at hand, especially if the democrats continue their spending spree. But stop letting the idiotic media define what what is happening in Washington, because they simply have no idea.

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