Tuesday, December 18

Hippie Control

               The debate over gun control is not a debate.  The mainstream media, and I’m including Fox News and Bill O’Reilly in that, has completely overrun any debate with their anti-gun, anti-NRA, symbolism-over-substance filibustering.  I have heard that we must take away all semi-automatic guns and ammo from the law-abiding citizens, so we can stop these mass-shootings.  I have heard that the 2nd Amendment only guarantees citizens one musket per household.  I have heard, time and again, that new, tougher laws are what will solve this shooting problem.  All I have heard is idiocy, ignorance, and outright insanity!

                How can any rational person believe that restricting citizens’ rights to gun ownership will stop gun violence by those that intend to break the law?  The murderer in Connecticut broke 41 laws!  Does anyone actually believe another law would have stopped him?  The ONLY thing that would have stopped that crazy SOB is someone else with a gun.  If the principal had a gun, if there was a security guard of some kind with a gun, then we would not have 20 dead children! 

                If you believe that criminals do not, and will not, have access to semi-auto (even full-auto) assault weapons, regardless of American laws, your stupidity knows no bounds.  It‘s no matter, since the liberals, the knee-jerk reactors, and the President of the Socialist States of America can’t understand logic.  They want the citizens to be stuck between armed criminals and the armed government like sheep, blindly grazing on mindless reality-TV and electronic gadgets.  The denial of these sheep is dangerous!  Not just to them, but to all of us; even those of us that want the ability to protect ourselves from the criminals or, worse, the government. 

                 Bill O’Reilly takes it upon himself to declare the “AK-15” unnecessary for citizens.  His guest had to correct him that it was an “AR-15.”  Bill goes on to say he’s “not a gun guy,” but he nonetheless knows what’s best for the rest of us that are gun owners.  He showed himself to be an idiot twice, in one sentence!  Since when is this nation based on decisions that affect so many, by people that know so little?  None of the talking-heads seem to realize the 2nd Amendment was not put in place so that citizens could hunt.  It was put in place to prevent oppression by a tyrannical government.  We cannot defend against such with single-shot hunting rifles and shot guns.  Silly Bill said that if the Feds come to your house, no weapon will help you.  Again, if that were the case, I expect only a sheep like him would be in his house waiting for them. 

                I am incredibly disappointed that the last bastion of fair reporting, Fox News and its staff, has folded to the liberal, big-government-will-save-us mindset.  It’s beyond disappointment.  I have a knot in my gut, and a fear like never before.  The mass-hysteria over this last shooting has eradicated all common-sense.  I am in fear for my rights.  I am in fear for my ability to protect myself and my family.  I am in fear we are headed for an America that looks nothing like what was intended; like nothing I have defended for 25 years. 

                When will everyone address the true cause of these killings?  The gruesome video games, the gruesome TV shows and movies, and the lack of morals that comes with this Neo-Hippie society we live in.  That’s where the problems lie.  We have had guns in this country, owned by citizens, since the beginning.  The shootings, at this pace, are something new.  It began when parents refused to parent, preferring to medicate their children into being quiet.  It began when the children were taught they all deserve what they want - like trophies for all, no score keeping, no losers, and hugs for everyone.  The Hippies have ruined this nation, and they are taking it a step further, now.  The question is: what are the rest of us going to do about it?


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