Friday, December 21

Morality And The Republican Party

In response to my latest post, many were disheartened that I proposed leaving morality/faith out of the conservative platform. How can I be a conservative and not subscribe to such values (among other comments not fit for print.

For the record, I didn't say I wasn't a proponent of morality/faith. I consider myself a very moral person, and as a Christian I strongly believe my actions on this earth are answerable to a higher power.

But, the GOP as a whole shouldn’t, and quite frankly cannot, ascend the pedestal and pronounce they are the party of such values. Not when there are many within the ranks that act in a manner that is contrary to such a claim.

That doesn’t mean individual members shouldn't display their faith or cite morality as justification for their actions. I applaud and respect individual politicians who outwardly display their morality and faith, so long as it’s on display at all times...

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