Sunday, December 16

Our Culture of Violence

The shortest measurable time in the universe is between a sad, evil, wonton, mass murder, and when liberals use the occasion to politic for gun control. Their arguments always stem from a double standard: On the one hand, liberalism glorifies violence in the media and entertainment industries, promoting and encouraging the most vile actions in the name of "entertainment." On the other hand, when violence, egged on by a sick society, actually occurs, liberalism blames the gun.

Violence is the sign of a sick and depraved society. For example, how many Americans noticed that recently in China, 22 children were slashed by a knife-wielding man, and that violence against school children in China is on the rise? The story was buried, in part, because of the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook. Yet, when children are stabbed to death, knives aren't blamed for the attack, the perp is blamed. Any time a gun is used in a crime in the US, the left immediately goes after the gun, and those who support the Second Amendment, rather than blaming the one who perpetrated the violence. (By the way, have you noticed how many of the most recent mass murderers are all thralls of the delusions preached by the gospel of liberalism?)

We can't have it both ways. Our media culture of violence in the US breeds more violence. So does our culture of despotism, nihilism, and the commitment to stamping out all things religious. With no guidelines of morality, we have become an amoral society at best, and an immoral one at worst.

I've grown up with guns my whole life, giving a healthy respect to their ability to apply a tremendous amount of force to a small target. I've hunted. I've shot in competition. I've collected a few guns because they were a pleasure to shoot. I've carried a weapon to protect myself and my students.

But I have never condoned, nor given into the horrific culture of nihilism and violence that can lead a young man to slaughter innocent children. I have never agreed with a prison system that coddles murderers as victims. And I've never held the duplicitous idea that the media is innocent of any responsibility to our culture of violence.

The modern cries to limit guns is merely a smoke screen to hide the shame of failed leftist dogma which has destroyed our families and our schools.

H/t to Magister Christianus at Bedlam or Parnassus.

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