Tuesday, December 18

Sandy Victim Still Waits as Obama Decides on Relief

Washington enjoy tragedies. It gives them the opportunity to impose stupid legislation and wasteful pork spending. The Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre was a tragedy that was made political. There are hints that tough legislation will take away our right to bear arms. The government tried to do that during Columbine and the West Virginia Tech massacre. If only the government enforced the laws that currently exist, horrific events, like the Sandy Hook Massacre, would not occur. 

As stated earlier, pork spending is an addiction in Washington. Hurricane Sandy is another example how Washington will capitalize on another tragedy. It has been over a month and the victims of the storm have no relief. It is because Washington hasn't decided how much pork to add to the relief bill. It is always the politicians priority to take care of special interest groups first before those who really need the money.

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