Tuesday, December 11

Spoiled Brats

     Want to know what will happen if the government handouts (a.k.a. entitlements) were to be reduced, or completely rescinded, in the U.S.?  Just take a look at the video footage from the State legislature building in Michigan, today.  Michigan’s representatives have passed a “Right-to-Work” bill that is due to be signed into law by the Governor, eradicating 100 years of labor union rule.

     The unions are demonstrating, not so peacefully, on the steps of and inside the legislature.  Mobs of union members, and their leadership, are shouting slogans, as well as taunting and bullying the opposition.  News footage shows many angry union members threatening, pushing and physically assaulting not only the opposition, but the camera operators and reporters too.  They trampled a large tent, with people inside, that belonged to the Right-to-Work supporters.  It was a disgusting display of what happens when you take entitlements away from the spoiled liberal brats.

     The reason I am calling mandatory union membership an entitlement is because unions force unrealistic wages that hurt business’ ability to change with the economy and survive.  Try upwards of $30 per hour to stand on an assembly line and install a few bolts with a power tool.  That’s twice the wage of many cops that put their lives on the line every day in this country.  Unions force employee benefits that are unreasonable, and make it difficult to terminate workers that are worthless – even dangerous.  Just search the reports of union workers consuming alcohol and illegal drugs during their breaks.  So, the unions entitle the workers to do half the work at twice the wage, forcing American industry overseas.

     If you think the demonstrations in Michigan are unruly, wait until the Welfare and food stamp minions lose their entitlements.  I say that because it has to happen.  It has to happen, based on the incredible national deficit and the simple fact that our once great nation cannot continue to support such spending indefinitely.  On the endeavor to continue such liberalism, Machiavelli once wrote, “a prince so disposed will consume all his wealth in such activities, and he will at last be compelled…to impose a heavy tax burden on the people, and become an extortionist…”  I realize Obama is fine with such a tax-and-spend policy, however, We the People will not let it continue for long, at least, not beyond the next Presidential election.

     My suggestion is to be ready, not for the Zombie Apocalypse, but for the Unemployed Liberal Apocalypse.  For they will not change their inner being and get jobs to sustain themselves, but work twice as hard at avoiding work and take from those of us that do.  Rhetoric will not make you safe amongst the everyday liberal who has lost their handout.  I see the world, our world, getting more violent, and sooner than later.  Be safe, the Spoiled Brats are on the loose.


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