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The Play's The Thing! ... J. D. Longstreet

The Play's The Thing!
Home of the Brave -- or -- Lair of the Knave
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Definition of knave: 
A dishonest or unscrupulous man.
Synonyms:  rogue - rascal - jack - villain - scoundrel - scamp

I can't take credit for the title above.  I stole it from some positively ancient would-be playwright named Bill Shakespeare.  I understand there is some question, even today, as to the actual author of those words from Hamlet. So, to whomever wrote it, my thanks! You were -- and remain -- spot on!

As the so-called Mainstream Media continues its propaganda tsunami warning that we are all about to be swept over the fiscal cliff, it has begun to irritate me.  I have begun to question their motive(s) even more. 

The MsM (the Mainstream Media, the Press, the Non-Fox Media, the Democrat Propaganda Bureau, the Ministry of Propaganda, JUST PICK ONE!) has finally dropped its thin camouflage and it is now apparent the MsM is  one huge propaganda machine for the political left.  I trust nothing I hear, see, or read, that has the MSM as its source.

We told you during the early months of 2012 that the MsM would report the American economy as "improving" as we drew nearer the election.  They did. The same with unemployment. In fact, they painted a picture of an economy on the rebound. Of course, Obama's economic policies were hailed as the cause of the "recovery." 

But there was no recovery -- not even the hint of a recovery.  It was all sheer propaganda to assist their hero, Obama, reclaim his seat in the Oval Office from whence he could continue to plot America's fundamental transformation into a socialist/Marxist country.

If you visit my personal blog, "INSIGHT on Freedom," you will see that it is a site for conservative thought, opinion, commentary and analysis.  I make no bones about it nor apologies for it.  I'd like to see all news organizations be as up-front about their political ideology as that.  But, hey, I won't hold my breath! 

I have come to believe we have a knave in the Oval Office.  Oh, I'm pretty sure that as soon as the folks on the left have time to look up the word "knave" in the closest dictionary, I will be labeled a racist.  Never mind that one's skin pigment has nothing, whatsoever, to do with one's being a knave -- or not.

As noted above, a knave is: A dishonest or unscrupulous man.  Knaves exist throughout the government as they do throughout our society.  It is only the word "knave" we are unfamiliar with today.  The knave's actions are too well known to us. 

Knave is old English dating back as far as the year 1000. It's a good word, very descriptive,  and frankly, I wish it had not fallen out of use. But, then again, I am a man out of time and place as my mother-in-law, may she rest in peace,  never tired of reminding me.

Obama's knavish behavior is a dead giveaway.  The man lies.  I'd like to think that his administration will be remembered in the history books as the liers they are -- but THAT will not happen as the history books are mostly written by persons who share Obama's political ideology.

He's a flim-flam artist -- a con man.  Take the "fiscal cliff" (Puh-LEASE!).  His striving to save us from the plunge is all an act.  Obama has no intention of saving America from crashing to the bottom of that ravine.  In fact, in my opinion, that is exactly what he wants!

I find it amusing that Obama and his willing cohort of fellow socialist and Marxists in the Congress and the various alphabet agencies within his administration love America so much they absolutely MUST fundamentally CHANGE it!  Doesn't that strike anyone as, well, rather, uh, strange?             

Right-wing commentator Dinesh d'Souza said of President Obama:  "President Obama has an agenda for downsizing America that he dare not share with the American people because it would endanger his support."  He goes on by saying that Obama:  " ... wants America to have less wealth and power so that people in other countries can have more wealth and power."  SOURCE:

What Mr. d'Souza just described is wealth redistribution, or, as we like to call it -- SOCIALISM.

You may recall that Dinesh d'Souza released a film entitled  "2016: Obama's America" prior to the 2012 election.  The film was hailed by many on the right while simultaneously being denigrated by the political left as a "trashing" of President Obama.

As I write these words, the great melodrama over the avalanche of taxes about to sweep across America is playing out on our TV screens.  It is orchestrated, choreographed, produced and directed just like any other play.  And it is mostly pure bovine scatology.  And I, for one, have had a belly full.

It is clear to anyone, interested enough to look, that Obama's mission is to deconstruct America and rebuild it in the image of a socialist/Marxist state.  But first, he needs the old system to crash.  THAT'S why it is so important that the US go over that fiscal cliff and crash and burn at the bottom. It is from those ashes Obama and his Marxist allies intend to build the new Socialist/Marxist America.

One needn't have a crystal ball to foretell this future.  It's right out there for any and all to see. 

Ah.  But the play's the thing, right?  And it is the play to which our eyes are being directed.  Never mind the man behind the curtain (as they say) keep you eyes center-stage.

Unlike Hamlet's devised scripting of his play, we do not have to watch for the tell-tale flashes of guilt cross the faces of the audience members to discern the guilty party or parties.  We already know the identity of the knave.

Sadly, however, the audience clearly supports such machinations.  How else to explain the enthusiastic support at the polls in November for the knave's agenda of supplanting freedom with slavery?

How quickly we have become a nation of knaves and slaves.

© J. D. Longstreet

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