Tuesday, January 8

About that 'gun violence commission'........member has son convicted of Columbine style mass murder plot

Way to go, dumb ass Joe. Your commission will start to unravel and it is up to true Constitutional Conservatives to get this story out.

I can smell it the air, the fear of the left and the true definition of cognitive dissonance.

This one truly smells and do you think the LSM will report on this and do you think this would get a pass if  it was an evil conservative POTUS fueled commission?

Of that's right, most true conservatives would not be going after our second amendment rights and that is what all this is about. Nothing less and a lot more. Making every effort to disarm the America citizen and turn us into England which now has the dubious honor of having some of the highest crime rates in the world. PatriotUSA

Stolen from From Sipsey Street Irregulars.

Steer in: Andrea Shea King Radio Patriot


Sipsey Street Exclusive: Thomas Nee, key member of Joe Biden's "gun violence commission," has a son who was convicted of plotting a Columbine-style mass murder at a school -- possibly with a service weapon obtained from his father

By Dutchman6

The Three Douches!

Read the rest here

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