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American Amazons? ... J. D. Longstreet

American Amazons?
Women in Direct Combat
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Amazon: (From Greek mythology) one of a nation of women warriors of Scythia (who burned off the right breast in order to use a bow and arrow more effectively)
" ... the call by men for women to fight in their place is the height of cowardice, and worthy of the strongest possible rebuke."  Source:


Has the Obama administration gone completely nuts? (THAT is a rhetorical question.) One is required to be at least "nominally" sane before one can go INsane.

Now they are going to place the lives of that half of the human species -- able to reproduce life -- directly in harm's way. 


Have they grown weary of just killing the babies?  Have they now become intent upon killing those capable of producing the babies in the first place? 

Placing women in direct combat teams is so wrong --
on so many levels. 

One thing is for darned sure. I will not recommend my grandson join the US Military.  Not any longer. 

With the advent of gay society into the ranks, and now weakening the war fighting ability of the armed forces by placing women in combat roles, the US military is simply not up to the moral standards -- nor the warrior standards -- to which I would have my son, my grandson, my daughter, or my granddaughter exposed.

The left's social experiments with the US military over the decades has left us with a military that hasn't won a war since the Second World War.  (Desert Storm was basically one huge battle which lasted days.)

As  veteran myself, I am proud of having done the tiny bit that I did for my country in the military.  But that was back in the 1950s when we were marched over to the WAC's barracks at Fort Jackson, South Carolina -- which were fenced off with eight-foot tall fencing -- and we told by our training sergeant  that that was where the women were and if we even went near the place we'd be shot!

I read recently of concerns by some on the political left that America is creating a "warrior class" with our all volunteer military.  Heck, we've had a warrior class since, at least, the War Between the States.  We call 'em Southerners!  When the US decides to go to war, southern males begin lining up and signing up.  Blame our Celtic heritage and ancestry.

President Bush in 1992 created the Presidential Commission on the Deployment of Women in the Military to determine the capability of women severing in direct combat positions. “The Commission showed that women were three times more nondeployable than men, primarily due to pregnancy, during Operations Desert Shield and Storm.” (Hoar 1) The commission used expert medical witnesses and current military policy to show the pitfalls of having potential mothers serving in military units.    SOURCE:

Look.  Combat is just as mean, just as barbaric, just tough as it has always been. The combat soldier MUST rely on his physical strength, and his mental strength to survive and to aid his fellow soldiers to survive and win the victory.  That is a fact -- period. 

Let's state the obvious here:  Women cannot carry as much as far as fast as men, and they are more susceptible to fatigue.

Women are shorter.  Women have less muscle mass. Women weigh less than men.  This is a great disadvantage when called upon to perform tasks that would require a high level of muscular strength and aerobic capacity, you know, like -- ground combat.  Read more about this issue here:

This just WRONG!  A nation intent upon survival does not, I repeat, does not deliberately place the "life-givers," -- their women -- in danger. It is a basic rule of survival. 

Frankly, I am not surprised. The left places so little value on human life, so little value on human dignity, so little value on the worth of each individual, that, to them, this is just another victory for their progressive agenda. They simply don't care about the consequences.

We've known for many decades that the political left views humankind as a plague upon their Holy Mother Earth.  So, maybe this is just one more way they feel they can rid earth of it's payload of humans and cleanse the planet. 

Consider the following:  "In "On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society,"  Lt. Col. Dave Grossman briefly mentions that female soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces have been officially prohibited from serving in close combat military operations since 1948. The reason for removing female soldiers from the front lines was due less to the performance of female soldiers, and more due to the behavior of the male infantrymen after witnessing a woman wounded. The IDF saw a complete loss of control over soldiers who apparently experienced an uncontrollable, protective, instinctual aggression, severely degrading the unit's combat effectiveness.

However, in 2001, subsequent to the publication of Grossman's book, women did begin serving in IDF combat units on an experimental basis. There is now an all-female infantry battalion, the Caracal Battalion."

Read more about the Caracal Battalion at

I came across an article while doing a bit of research recently that I think should be read by everyone -- on both sides of the women in combat debate.  It is entitled:  "Women Should Not Be in Combat (Says a Female Marine Captain)
You will find the article here:   READ THIS ARTICLE.  

"For those who dictate policy, changing the current restrictions associated with women in the infantry may not seem significant to the way the Marine Corps operates. I vehemently disagree; this potential change will rock the foundation of our Corps for the worse and will weaken what has been since 1775 the world’s most lethal fighting force." --  Capt Katie Petronio  --  SOURCE:

The quote immediately above is from the article entitled:  "Get Over It! We Are Not All Created Equal."  The article was written by Capt. Katie Petronio, a Marine.  You will find the entire article here: 

Placing women in direct combat war fighting roles within the US military will do nothing to elevate women.  It will, in fact, grind women down even more.

Now that that the ban has been lifted we are left with a fight between facts an leftist ideology.  Women are now caught in the middle of yet another fight in which ideology will trump facts.

No matter how horrible the results of this decision will be for women serving in America's military,  leftists will NEVER admit to being wrong.  So, this disastrous decision will stand while the broken, twisted, and maimed bodies of America's young women, those who would bear our young, those who would rear America's children, will continue to pile up.

© J. D. Longstreet

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