Saturday, January 12

Because I can......

I am blessed beyond measure

Because I can.....

As a Constitutional Conservative I stand on what the Founding Fathers gave us. I stand on the 1st and 2nd amendments as they etched in my heart, part of this country and my foundation. Part of what makes me get up every day and for now, know that I can try to make a difference however small it may be, in a an ever darkening, evil world and make perhaps one person's day. I will NOT change nor will I bow down to anyone, man or woman and compromise or pussify myself.

As a Constitutional Conservative and gun owner, I have been branded a racist, bigoted, Islamophobic, hateful, against every facet of responsible and 'reasonable' environmentalism, against the poor and less fortunate, against political correctness (indeed), excessive diversity and perverted multiculturalism (double indeed) when it tips the scales of fairness, honesty, morals, ethics because life is not 'fair', and guess what, life IS NOT FAIR. There are winners and losers.

Because I can, I gave a lady heavily laden with groceries, walking home in heavy snow and on icy roads, a ride home as her burden was passed by 15 or 20 cars that I saw drive right by her before I stopped.

Because I can, give a lift to man who ran out of gas, back to his van so he could get home to Madras where he lived in his van on his mother's property, after driving 50 miles round trip to our food bank. The one in Madras had been stripped bare. He had nothing and has been out of work for three years yet has asked for little. I had $5.00 on me and I gave it to him with a prayer and received tears and sobs of thanks, a hug and a comment how he had been yelled at, ridiculed as he walked back to his van which by the way, was four miles from where I spotted him. I got his address and dropped off a bit of groceries last Friday when I was in Madras for work.

Because I can drive 80 miles round trip to help a family I have never met with other evil caring Conservatives who prefer working from the shadows and seeking nothing in return.

Because I can, I am doing what I can when we have little ourselves and my life is in complete disarray. An evil gun totting Conservative, paying it forward a bit here, a bit there. Knowing full well that any one of these folks could end my life, rob me, steal my car yet I would know the last thing I did was turn a kindness and have Jesus smile on me as He takes my hand to enter his kingdom.

I  seek no glory, no trying to look good, no earning my way in, nothing. People have done such things for me and this is how Jesus wants me to live so I will try. I stand on my morals, convictions, ethics, truth and honesty. This more than most liberals, progressives can stand on and do not tell me what type of bag I can have, whether I have a smart meter on our home or not, whether I can flip on my Air Conditioning, whether I use ethanol free gasoline or not, whether I drive a BIG car or not, you get the picture.

Because I can care is all I am saying. PatriotUSA

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