The New Conservative Blogs Central Is Live

The New Site Is Up And Running!!!

You can be registered and posting on the new site in however long it takes you to type in your user name, password and then click a conformation email...

Now don't be stubborn, and embrace the change. This site will go away soon; so gather up you little bit of crap and move on over there.

Let's see if I am better at rolling out a site than Obama?

Conservative Blogs Central

I have been killing myself trying to get this thing up and going for you all, and I know you are going to like it once you get used to it.

So please start moving your operation over there...

I am tired of putting money the hip pockets of the Obama supporting commies at Google by blogging on their platform.

  • It will auto post to everything the old CBC does right now, but this one sends its feed to a few other places.
  • I made the stats available at the top of the blog, so that you can click on it and watch it grow.
  • I will be phasing out this blog over the next couple of months - so get over there and register.
  • Your posts will have your pic at the bottom (if you fill out your profile with a description)
Bear with me while I get everything move from here to there.

And let me know if you have any trouble getting setup, or any suggestions...

Monday, January 28

Blogger Purge & And New Rules At CBC

Here is the deal. We have almost maxed out on the number of bloggers we can give contributor rights, so it is time do a long overdue blogger purge. 

I am not going to keep someone fired up about bashing libs from blogging here just to keep people that only posted once or twice and quit, or have not posted once in six month time frame. 

I will be going back over the postings for the last six months. Anyone who has not contributed to the site in that time period will be considered an inactive blogger and the account will be deleted. 

If that happens, you can still get back in as a CBC blogger, as long as you follow to the new site rules... 

New Rule: You are now required to contribute to the site at least once per month or your account will go inactive, and deleted. 

I know things come up, so I will gladly make exceptions to that rule if you just shoot me an email inside of that time frame. 


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