Friday, January 4

Bonehead Re-elected as House Speaker ONLY by 3 Votes

(Washington Times) House Speaker John A. Boehner narrowly survived his re-election battle on Thursday as the 113th Congress convened at the Capitol amid calls for cooperation on the same issues that left lawmakers gridlocked over the past two years. Mr. Boehner kept the speakership despite the defections of 10 House Republicans who didn’t vote for him — a reflection of simmering discontent after a rough several months for the Ohio Republican. In the speaker’s race, Mr. Boehner received 220 votes, or three more than he needed to guarantee the top post, which leaves him second in the line of presidential succession.
Bonehead only won House Speaker by 3 votes. It shows conservative Republicans look at him as a moderate and ineffective. It is a sad day in America. Bonehead wants to tackle immigration with Obama. Bonehead is destroying the conservative base with his liberal ideology. He must go!

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