Tuesday, January 1

Coming Together...For The Good Of The Country!

For the history buffs out there, I’m reminded of the Paratroopers that were deployed at the onset of the D-Day Invasion. Being that the technology was not up to today’s standards, many landed miles away from their assigned landing zones. To say this proved problematic to the operation is putting it gently!

Fast forward to today, we’ve technically fallen from the “Fiscal Cliff” (though many would argue we fell long ago), and even with today’s improved technology, I suspect we’ll miss the landing zone once again – unless of course you planned on a scattered landing in France for a second time!

If not already, we’re well on our way to becoming a European type society complete with nationalized health care, a plethora of government entitlements, huge national debt, and limited (if any) influence on world affairs. All that’s missing or two months of mandated vacation per year!
“But, we haven’t fallen yet. There’s a deal in the making.”
Yep, our elected representatives were up until the wee hours of the night to work things out...

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