Sunday, January 20

Democratic Congressman: Republicans 'Are Like Suicide Bombers'

ED SCHULTZ (18 Jan 2013): When you see what could be done, why wouldn't Republicans go along with this debt ceiling, the benefit of abolishing the debt ceiling and, I mean, if you believe, if both parties believe that they can really make some spending cuts and they can be responsible legislators, why worry about the debt ceiling? Why wouldn't Republicans go along with that? Just because it would take away their threat of a negotiating tool which I think the president's done a great job of negating. But, your thoughts, why wouldn't Republicans come along with that?

REP JERROLD NADLER (D-NY): Two reasons. Some of them think, why should we give up, you know, they're like suicide bombers, why should we take off these suicide vests and relinquish the possibility of holding the entire economy hostage? Some of them, however, may not understand or may understand but want to use as political propaganda the misinformation abroad in the country (yes -- "abroad in the country") that raising the debt ceiling somehow increases the amount of money you owe, increases the amount of money you're spending. A lot of people believe that because it sounds logical. It's not true, but why give up a good political propaganda point?

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