#Ebola From Mexico - Is Obama's Refusal To Seal Border Treason?


I want to know why with headlines like these that Obama is not being held for treason for not protecting the American people by sealing the Southern border?

Sunday, January 20

Early celebration forr MLK day

This speaks volumes and it is a shame that the current POTUS does not take much of what King said to heart. But then one must have a heart for people of all stripes which I believe MLK had. The parallels between Nazi Germany and here are all to clear to me. Martin Luther King was not a perfect man but he had vision and wisdom that transcends any and all skin color.

But remember, I am called a racist, bigot, narrow minded, evil gun carrying, Constitution loving CONSERVATIVE. What do I know? PatriotUSA

From iOTW.

Steer in: The Last Refuge

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