Monday, January 7

Have the Liberals Won?

               The people we Americans have labeled the “Greatest Generation” – the Americans that fought, and supported this nation, during WWII - are mostly gone.  The traditions and values they held, and fought for, are mostly gone, as well.  This nation has spiraled into a moral depravity, and loss of all things sacred to our Founding Fathers, in short order.  Who is to blame?  Who has destroyed what the Greatest Generation sacrificed so much to preserve?  Their own children, the ”Baby Boomers.” 
                The Baby Boomers are the ones that dodged the draft, during the Vietnam War.  The Baby Boomers are the ones that brought about the hippie/free-love movement and drug culture.  The Baby Boomers are the ones that protested violently in the streets and on college campuses across this nation, determined to destroy our traditions and values, values that made the United States a world power in less than two centuries.  The Baby Boomers are the ones that are now tearing down our pride in self-reliance, making our population a welfare state.  They are picking at our Constitution, limiting free speech to liberal speech, attempting to disarm law-abiding citizens – making us more vulnerable to their Big Government, and its socialist goals.

                How can they not only completely dismiss the core values that this nation was founded upon, but not see they are destroying the United States entirely?  Why do they hate this nation so much?  How can they just slap the Greatest Generation – their own parents and grandparents – in the face?  It boggles my mind.  The Baby Boomers have passed their socialist/communist ideals on to college students for decades; corrupting young, impressionable minds causing the exponential loss of traditional values and common sense. 

                Another mind-boggling thing is how we conservatives have let this happen.  We whine and moan, as the liberals marginalize us and our traditional views.  They fight us by intimidation, calling us racists, sexists, and the like, causing most people to cower in fear and back off.  Liberals protest, often violently, and get coverage for their causes – no matter how idiotic.  We conservatives stand back and giggle, while they enlist more weary and weak-minded sheep to vote their way.  The vote of an idiot is just as valuable as the vote of a genius, and the liberals have used that against us.

                The non-thinking sheep are all too happy to vote for what feels good, not for what may be tough but right.  Those sheep love immediate results, while overlooking the big picture, the long-term implications.  Hence, a $16T+ deficit, and a failing dollar in the world market are crippling the United States; not to mention the status of ‘push-over’ in the Muslim world.
                Meanwhile, we conservatives are whining and moaning, with “Likes”, “Comments”, “Shares”, and “Tweets” on Facebook and Twitter being the focus of our battle plan.  The correct response to this destruction of our nation, and its Constitution, should be much more tangible!  We need to protest the liberal organizations, hold the mainstream media accountable for their bias, force Obama and his regime to listen to the other half of this nation!
                This battle plan starts with things as small as standing up to your liberal friends, relatives, and co-workers when they spout their stupidity and anti-American rubbish.  Don’t cower to outrageous accusations of racism, and the like.  Next, get involved with conservative groups, political and religious organizations, etc.  Not just by signing up for email newsletters, but by going to meetings, recruiting support, joining protests, contacting your government representatives, contacting companies that advertise on liberally biased TV networks and news programs.  Tell those companies you and yours will not purchase their products if they continue to support such anti-American networks and shows – and follow through with it. 
               Making ourselves and our values heard, en mass, is the only way to keep from losing the way off life we hold dear.  Ask yourself: how much do your values mean to you, and what are you willing to do to preserve them?  Sitting on your couch and whining to other conservatives, via the internet is not going to change a thing.  Get up, get out, and get things done!
                Activism has come to be associated with liberalism.  I think we can show the country otherwise.  Anyone involved in legitimate conservative activism, please contact me with ways people can get involved and make a difference.  ( 



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