Friday, January 18

Save The Children!

“Doctor…I’ve hurt my arm!”
“Hmmm…looks like a fracture. How did you do this?”
“I was playing baseball with my friends.”
“We’re going to need to set that…and you’re going to need a pain killer for a while.”
“Tell me are there any guns in your house?”
“My Dad has a hunting rifle.”
“Uh oh!”
“What…what? Is it something serious?”
Meanwhile, little Johnny down the street just gained level 70 on the latest Xbox craze for achieving 20 headshot kills in a row!
“You remember Johnny. What…you don’t?”
“Well, he doesn’t get out much…you don’t have Xbox?”
“Wow! I thought everyone had Xbox!”
“Well, if you get the chance, look for him online. He goes by “zKillBox_791”…he’s the best!”
Yep, Johnny’s the best. But, what’s missing from above is the fact that Johnny hasn’t been seen since Christmas day when Santa delivered his newest Xbox game!

Johnny doesn’t have time for baseball (or other outdoor activities) because he spends most of his time online with friends…most of whom he’s never really met!

And, Mom’s ok with it because...

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