Thursday, January 17

Screw you Obama and from Sheriff Tim Mueller in Linn County, Oregon

Taking a page and actions from Hitler, Barack Hussein Obama has staged his actions against legal gun owners as an act for our children. He tells us that we must take action 'NOW.' to rein evil guns and curtail our freedom and liberty.

I very rarely have agreed with this traitor and his administration of maggoty bastards who hate America and American EXCEPTIONALISM, but I agree with BHO here.

It is time for every gun owner to take a stand against the subversion, circumvention of our Constitution by these vermin, who are sure they can get away with 23 Executive Orders aimed right us gun owners. Think criminals will follow these idiotic rules and orders? Are you going to turn in your weapons when the government offers to 'buy' them for a pittance of what they are worth or for a warm and fuzzy feel good moment that will put us in chains like England? Do you think LEO will arrive at your home in time when an armed thug breaks into your residence? You may have one or two seconds at best and I would rather drop him/her in their tracks than trust the government for anything, especially protecting what is most precious to me, MY FAMILY!

If this makes me a criminal in the eyes of the government, so be it. I will not pay your taxes on my guns, I will not turn in my weapons or my magazines that may or may not hold more than ten rounds.
If you want to arrest me, send me to some FEMA camp, throw me into the darkest corners of hell and strip me of my right as established by The Founding Fathers through the Second Amendment to keep and bare arms, then so be it.

You, Mr. Obama have the nerve to send your children to a school that has armed guards and tell us we do not have this same right to protect our own kids, and that your kids are better than ours? I think not! 

You, Mr. Obama have done all you can to enable the murder of the unborn even to the point of supporting partial birth abortions and you have the nerve to surround yourself with children who are most fortunate they did not become a statistic before they were born.

There is a line I, we used to type when I was a service technician long ago on on real typewriters, calculators, copiers and other related office equipment that goes like this:

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country!

Standing on the walls of Jerusalem, ready, loaded.

What say you, my fellow patriots, countrymen and countrywomen, what say you? PatriotUSA

From Tom over at Fellowship Of The Minds.

You Shall Not Infringe On Our Second Amendment Rights, Obama

 I have no intention of obeying any of your illegal executive orders concerning the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution.

You have no right to usurp the Constitution, which you have already done on several previous occasions, you are nothing more than a punk criminal that occupies the White House, do Benghazi, Fast and Furious and Crony Capitalism sound familiar to you.

You and your criminal cabal think you are above the laws that apply to the rest of us and you depend on your useful idiots in the Lame Stream Media to cover up and downplay your criminal activity.
Enough is enough! WE have to make a stand here and now, you will not take my guns, my magazines or my ammunition. You will not tell me how rounds I can load in a magazine or make other restrictions on my legal gun ownership, you don’t have that right.

For four years we have watched you chip away at our rights and freedoms, spend us into oblivion just so you can appease your voter base who are addicted to the money flowing from the government teat, rather than work and support themselves.

You have racked up enormous debt and turned us into slaves and ensured that our unborn generations will be born in servitude paying off possibly hundreds of trillion of dollars of future debt. You need to be stopped, my personal preference is impeachment by the House of Representatives and conviction by the Senate and imprisonment. I want to see you in handcuffs and a prison jumpsuit doing the perp walk to your 8X8 prison cell, nothing less will suffice.

I’m just your everyday average American, a patriot and a law-abiding citizen, but I am also the worst enemy to liberals  and if I continue to be pushed, I will fight back, and you know the best part…there are millions more in this country just like me. We are willing to engage in civil discourse, civil disobedience and if necessary civil war.

Molon Labe!

Tom in NC

Source is here. 


From Sheriff Tim Mueller who serves Linn County, Oregon


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