Wednesday, January 16

Touré - Southerners Signing Secession Petitions Are Racist! - 1/16/13

The same people he is calling racists would vote for Herman Cain or Allan West in a heat beat.

This guy is dumb as a box of rocks...

MichaelSavage4PrezIn - a discussion on MSNBC's The Cycle about the White House increasing the number of We The People petition signatures required to mandate a formal response, Touré said that he found the number of secessionist petitions emanating from Southern states to be especially revealing. He said he believed this stems from southerners who cannot stand to be governed by a black president. S.E. Cupp pounced on that remark saying that, while she finds secessionism to be offensive, she found Touré's prejudicial remark to be just as offensive. "The slew of secession petitions out of the south really interests me," Touré said. "This idea that there are a lot of Southern people who want to have nothing to do with Obama's America. And I don't think you can say that there's any policy that has changed America so much that..."

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