Michele Bachmann has just confirmed what we already knew. Despite all their big talk, John Boehner and the rest of the RINOs have no intentions of fighting Obama’s destruction of our constitution. They are going to fold on this just like they did with Obamacare.

BooHoo BoehnerOnce again half of the nation is without representation. We elect these RINOs and then they turn up their noses and do the bidding of the Chamber Of Commerce.

I agree with Michele — MELT DOWN THEIR FREAKING PHONE LINES — and if there is any way you can make it, JOIN HER RALLY AT THE CAPITAL BUILDING.

Thursday, January 3

Why Don't We Get Drunk And Screw?

It’s January 3rd and all is well. The “Fiscal Cliff” has been averted, saving the middle class from certain doom. Thank God for President Obama and his perseverance over those pesky Republicans – what’s left of them!

And, if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge in New York to sell you!

Forget the fact that everyone’s taxes just went up (including the middle class) with the expiration of the payroll tax reduction.

And, let’s not speak of the known and yet to be discovered taxes embedded in the Affordable Care Act. Has anyone actually read the bill yet?

What President Obama and his cronies on the left have done with the “The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012” is fundamentally change the complexion of the so called middle class into something more to their liking...

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