Tuesday, February 5

Christian athletes 'should praise God in public'

WND - Christian athletes 'should praise God in public':

(CHRISTIANPOST) — Popular journalist and columnist Roland Martin encouraged Christian athletes to “keep shining” despite criticisms of their public gestures of faith, naming Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis as an example.
“Ray Lewis and other players of faith have a tremendous platform. More than 100 million people will probably be watching on Sunday. If someone makes a decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior because they were inspired by Ray Lewis’ exhortation of his faith on Super Bowl Sunday, great. If someone just wants to watch the game, no problem,” said Martin in an op-ed posted on blackchristiannews.com on Sunday.
Pointing to the hypocritical reaction of fans to expressions of faith in the media, Martin explained that criticizing Christian athletes for simply praising God was unwarranted....

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