Saturday, February 16

Cult of death followers kill, decapitate and skin cat(s) in Sweden

WARNING: Graphic images and if you love animals, specifically cats, you may want to to avoid this next post.

This is what happens when the flood gates of hell are opened up to massive Muslim immigration as is now evidenced in what is now becoming EUROPISTAN (formerly know as Europe). You think this cannot happen here Stateside? It already is and is really being accelerated by Obama and his Islamosympathyzing traitorous administration.

The butchery and barbaric nature inherent in Islam and sharia law is on full display around the globe. Rather than confront the violence of Islam that is extolled in the Qur'an, the fools of both liberal and conservative governments have caved in to political correctness, threats, intimidation, violence, mayhem and murder from the followers of Islam. Those who bow down, cave in to Islam, many of them the 'leaders' of some of the strongest countries in the world, are completely complicit in allowing massive Muslim immigration to overrun the countries they have been entrusted to lead.

To those who say 'well it is just a cat or a few cats' should read the 'Qur'an.' Read how girls, women, followers of TRUE religions, minorities and us kuffars, infidels are to be treated. If you think that these dirt bags will stop with a few cats you are deeply and sadly mistaken. Take a look at the last 1400 years of Islamic history, over 270 million innocent people murdered because of Islam.

While some will disagree or take umbrage to what I have said, and will say next, you can be a dhimmi stooge and coward and surrender to Islam, I will NOT submit, ever. When I read about incidents such as the murdering of innocent animals by vile thugs such as these POS cowards, such events truly make me ill and extremely mad. Islam will not stop here and history is repeating itself once again. Bending over, caving in to Islam will only result in a world controlled by rabid violent Muslims using sharia law to enslave us all or kill every last one of us who refuses to submit to Islam. The ONLY thing that will stop Islam and sharia law is what has stopped it before, a global battle against Islam. If you think I am in error then I suggest you study global and Islamic history.

Translation is a bit rough on this feed but the point is there, violent, perverted and insidious in nature as Islam REALLY is.

Steer in: Creeping Sharia



Swedish police investigating a case of animal abuse after leaving a photo published on the net where four men appeared with the severed head of a cat. One held the animal's head while another was carrying a knife and the cat's body.

After leaving this photo on the net, new images have been revealed, where you can see how the cat tear off the skin with a large knife and stand proudly with the cat's head.

Östergötland police investigating the case, but it finally went to Nykoping. According to a police report, the man with the cat's head has been identified as a citizen of Vagnhärad, Sweden. The only identified yet is the prime suspect animal cruelty because the picture was published.

Following the unique identification, the portal has been exponerat reveal the identity of the four men involved through their social profiles on Facebook.

According to the website, who holds the animal's head by the name of Hamza Tchaki, of Tunisian origin. At his side, holding the knife appears Youssef Ben Ali, while the left is Kuorbam Uomama with a baseball cap. Finally, the man who is at the bottom of the photo is Firas Mani. They are all Tunisian govern.

The success of the torturers cat has become a hot topic on Twitter and Facebook.


Source is here from Look Under The Burka Of Islam

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