Friday, February 22

Dear President Obama: Stop with the Crises Already!

Dear President Obama:

We understand that, from time to time, real world crises emerge which require the attention and leadership of the President of the United States. Yet your administration has been one which creates crises, merely for the sake of exploiting them for political gain. We Americans beg you - please stop creating and using fake crises to further your statist brand of politics. Enough is enough.

We understand that you are a blatant social welfare liberal and revolutionary. You're not fooling anyone, except your converted sycophants, with your double talk about maintaining constitutional principles. We're not falling for mainstream media's utter worship of your methods to plunge the people of the United States into economic servitude. We reject your flagrantly transparent moves toward statism and a command economy. We are tired of your name and blame game, marginalizing people and parties in order to affect self-promotion and hero worship from your sheepfold. We despise your social engineering.

We also understand, all too well, the socialist principle of using crises in order to force unwanted changes on the population. After all, "you never want a serious crisis to go to waste." "The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself." "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

Do you know what, Mr. President? Your crisis-based policy is working. After four years running from one crisis to another, after four years of polarizing targets, after four years of using each crisis to accrue more power, after four years of threats against your enemies, the American people are sick, and tired, and immiserated, and depressed,...and fed up.

With every new crisis you invent, we Americans come to realize that everything you do, everything you say, everything you believe in, is a game to you. You are a spoiled teenager who takes credit for everything good that happens and blames others for everything bad that happens. You speak of political compromise, run off to play golf with Tiger Woods in Florida, then blame Republicans for obstructing the political process. Like a petulant child, what you are really doing is blaming Republicans for not bending to your own self-conceited will.

When true evil happens, as in the Sandy Hook shooting, you storm to the press, full of emotion, and blame, and self-righteousness, and blame, and "solutions, and blame. Then, after whipping up the masses into a mindless fury, you push to usurp power, all the while labeling it as a "common sense solution."

But your true colors and real deceit shines out when you use such a piddling thing as the crisis of "sequestration" to demand concessions from a gutless and intemperate Congress. Your deceit shows as you fuel the fires of crisis and blame to accuse Republicans of stonewalling - exactly the same stonewalling you have done every day of your administration since the Democrats lost Congress in 2010.

Mr. President, stop with the crises already! We're tired of you and your rather transparent attempts to take over the roles of Congress and the Courts. We're tired of a president who merely acts like he's leading the country, without actually leading. We're tired of your demands with no compromises. We're tired of you usurping the authority of the Constitution. We're tired of you blaming "the rich," and "the gun-clingers," and the republicans, and anyone else who stands in your way. We're tired of your lack of responsibility and ownership of this stagnant economy, high unemployment, obscene national debt, and record-breaking deficit spending.

Stop with the crises. We're tired of them and of you.


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