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Monday, February 4

Farmers.... do not forget who still feeds this country

This is a pretty darn fine commercial. Please do not bother to bash Monsanto etc. here. Not a big corporation fan but save that for a liberal, eco-freak sites.

Farmers, ranchers the best folks this country has.

I will DELETE such comments and BTW, I like DODGE, Ram trucks. You like Chevy's, Fords, that is fine with me. I will take a 1966-1970 Dodge Power Wagon 3/4 ton pick up with a 318, 383, 440 C.I. V-8 any day, any time over any other pick up, especially those made today. If I was going to get a new one, it would be a Ram, period. 

Steer in: Adrienne's Corner 

Here is a real truck in case you do not know what one looks like:

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